If you love mountain biking and road bike, the  ALTA VALTELLINA represents an opportunity  to  relive the excitement on the streets of the famous mountain passes that have made the history of the TOUR OF ITALY and  the Garni Le Corti is the B&B situated  between Tirano and Bormio  ideal for you! 


The GARNI LE CORTI is located in a central position with respect the passes of the legendary story of the cycling world and the history of the Tour of Italy (GIRO D’ITALIA) and the TRANSALP.


For the most demanding bikers, lovers of the stunts on two wheels and driven by a strong spirit of adventure the famous TORNANTISSIMA TRAIL is just for you!

In detail:

  •   MORTIROLO PASS (FOPPA PASS ) theater of epic victories of Marco Pantani only 15 km;  the start of the climb in Mazzo di Valtellina at 1  km
  •   STELVIO PASS theater of epic victories of Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali 48 km ; the start of the climb from Bormio just  25 km from Grosotto far
  •   GAVIA PASS 52 km ; the start of the ascent from Santa Caterina Valfurva , 38 km from Grosotto far
  •   BERNINA PASS (SWITZERLAND) 42 km ; the start of the climb from Poschiavo , just 28 km from Grosotto far
  •   APRICA PASS 28 km
  •   TONALE PASS ( VAL DI SOLE) 50 km

and many other less famous but equally rewarding steps including: FOSCAGNO PASS, VERVA PASS, D 'EIRA PASS, SANTA MARIA PASS (VAL MUNSTAIR), FORCOLA PASS, SANTA CRISTINA PASS.


And is possible to book the SHUTTLE to bring bikers and mountain bikes at high altitude for the following routes: ALPE MALGHERA and ALPE EITA (VAL GROSINA) , ALPE SCHIAZZERA , CAVAIONE, PESCIA (COL D'ANZANA ), VAL REZZALO and TORNANTISSIMA TRAIL



The VALTELLINA in the heart of the Alps of Lombardy, offers lovers of cycling three of the world's most famous cycling routes, "the mythical climbs 3" "le 3 mitiche salite " STELVIO, GAVIA And MORTIROLO.



Five remarkable descents plunging from the highest peaks of Valtellina and Valposchiavo (Switzerland) right to the valley bottom, through dirt roads, mule tracks, old military roads and steep flow trails. The strain(or the pleasure!) of the climb can be eased by reaching the start of the tours with your car or using the shuttle service. The pleasure (or the strain!) of the descent is just a matter between you and your trustworthy bike!